Please contact me for more purchasing info or questions. Also, dealer/gallery pricing and information available upon request and approval. Click photos to view larger image. Basic shipping is included in price. I will email you with confirmation of purchase once I am notified. Clicking the add to cart button will open a window directing you to Pay Pal for a secure checkout. Each piece is signed and dated in titanium pen and comes with a wooden chest for safe carrying or storage when not on display.

Marbles of Richard Hollingshead II

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"~~Spiders Sunset~~" - 2.02" dia. - $625
"~~Spiders Sunset~~" - 1.88" dia. - $650
The 10 marbles below this are all hollow marbles from my Hollow series. All are completely sealed while hot, using no plugs, glue or cold work. Each is made with several canes that spiral to a fine point at the back pole. And have a different design on the opposing poles. They are all fumed internally with either gold, silver fume or both. Each will come in a wooden chest for safe storage or display. Please note all photos were taken under direct lighting. Thanks so much everyone and size and price are listed under each piece. And each Pay Pal button is on the right of each piece.
"Hypnotic Hollow" - 1.71" dia. - $300
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"Soft Sensation" - 1.72" dia. - $315 - SOLD
"~~Radioactive Talisman~~" 1.64 in length x 1.33" wide x 1.02" thick - $225
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"~~Fumed Fantasies~~" 1.73" long x 1.32" wide x 0.90" thick - $200
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"~~Twisted Reality~~" 1.76" dia. - $360 -SOLD
"~~Golden Greens~~" - 1.73" dia. - $320
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"~~Spinning Inside~~" - 1.72" dia. - $360
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"~~Poppy Fields~~" - 1.79" dia. - $360 -SOLD
"~~CFL Spinning Top~~" - 1.74" x 1.29" - $220
The stem of the top will be pale yellow under normal light and will shift to pink under a Compact Fluorescent as shown in the last photo. SOLD
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"~~CFL Spinning Top #2~~" - 1.71" x 1.29" - $220
The stem of the top will be pale yellow under normal light and will shift to pink under a Compact Fluorescent as shown in the last photo. 
"~~Encalmo Blossom #2~~" - 1.68" x 1.29" - $250
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"~~Reef Top~~" - 1.69" x 1.32" - $225
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"~~Experimental Cross Axis Top~~" - 1.70" x 1.16" - This one is an experimental top. IT spins good but not as good as the lower profile tops above. - $150
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Below are 5 of my most recent tops. Each is different and completely hand made. No machinery is used in the making of these with regards to alignment(a lathe). They are all made and balanced by hand in the flame. Keep in mind I use a lot of fume(smoked Gold and Silver) in my work which will appear brighter/darker on a dark background and please keep in mind they are photographed under direct lighting. If you have any questions feel free to email me via the contact page or at Thanks so much everyone! :)
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              "~~Black and White~~" Pelican set
This is  a hollow marble made in a black and white theme. There are 24 canes that spiral to a fine point at the back pole of the marble. The opposing side has a signature 5 point floral design surrounded in 24k gold and fine silver fume dots. The stand and pelican case are included. It measures 1.74" dia. - $450 - SOLD
                       "~~Twisted Serenity~~"
This is an experimental fume marble with double sided twisted fume lenses, each with a black or white opal. There is a lace section in the center of the piece that makes for a neat effect of intersecting lines. This is a unique marble from me. It measures 1.47" dia. - $350 
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         "~~Twisted Lace~~" w/green trillion opal
This is a special style of twisted lace made with a green trillion cut opal. The opal is much prettier in hand. This one measures 1.19" dia. - $225 -SOLD
                           "~~Raising Cane~~"
This is an explosion marble made with latticino cane and gold and silver fume. The blossom really fills the whole marble. The back has a few color encalmo design. It measures 1.22" dia. - SOLD
                           "~~Exotic Lace~~"
This is a traditional lace style marble that has a fumed spiral on the back of the piece with a black trillion cut opal centered in the spiral. It is a unique twist on my standard Lace marbles. It measures 1.32" dia. - $265
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