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Marbles of Richard Hollingshead II

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"Hypnotic Hollow" - 1.71" dia. - $300
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"~~Golden Greens~~" - 1.73" dia. - $320 - SOLD
"~~Spinning Inside~~" - 1.72" dia. - $360
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                       "~~Twisted Serenity~~"
This is an experimental fume marble with double sided twisted fume lenses, each with a black or white opal. There is a lace section in the center of the piece that makes for a neat effect of intersecting lines. This is a unique marble from me. It measures 1.47" dia. - $350 - SOLD
                           "~~Exotic Lace~~"
This is a traditional lace style marble that has a fumed spiral on the back of the piece with a black trillion cut opal centered in the spiral. It is a unique twist on my standard Lace marbles. It measures 1.32" dia. - $265  - SOLD
"~~Two Face Lace~~" - 1.25" dia. - $245 - SOLD
​                 "~~Reticello Ribbon Core~~"
This is one of very few Reticello Ribbon core marbles to date. The core has a reticello twisting through it. With bands of amber, fume and white twisting around the core. It measures 1.61" dia. - $320 - SOLD