Please contact me for more purchasing info or questions. Also, dealer/gallery pricing and information available upon request and approval. Click photos to view larger image. Basic shipping is included in price. I will email you with confirmation of purchase once I am notified. Clicking the add to cart button will open a window directing you to Pay Pal for a secure checkout. Each piece is signed and dated in titanium pen and comes with a wooden chest for safe carrying or storage when not on display.

Marbles of Richard Hollingshead II

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"~~Spiders Sunset~~" - 2.02" dia. - HOLD
"~~Spiders Sunset~~" - 1.88" dia. - HOLD
            "~~Scalecello w/Black Trillion~~"
This is a marble from my Scalecello series. It features a large black trillion cut opal on the face. The opal is framed in a dot and pinwheel design that wraps into the back scalecello design. If anyone is interested in this one and can wait a few days I would love to add a matching stand and pelican case on me. Just haven't had time yet. If purchased just remind me and I will set it aside and get a stand done. It measures 1.70" dia. - SOLD
                   "~~Carmelized Ruby~~" SOLD
                 "~~Cadmium Candy Cane~~"
This is a hollow marble made with 24 canes that spiral to a fine point at the back pole. It is completely sealed while hot using no plugs or glue. It also has a matching stand. The set will come in a cadmium(yellow) color Pelican 1120 case. The marble measures 1.79" dia. - SOLD
                        "~~Silver Sunset~~"
This is a special edition marble from my "Spiders Sunset" series. It is made with all silver as opposed the gold and silver mixes of the traditional SS marbles. This one has been with me(held back) since Feb 2018. It is one of two Silver Sunset marbles. This is the only one with a faceted opal. It comes in a silver pelican 1120 case. It measures 1.92" dia.  - $725 - SOLD
The 10 marbles below this are all hollow marbles from my Hollow series. All are completely sealed while hot, using no plugs, glue or cold work. Each is made with several canes that spiral to a fine point at the back pole. And have a different design on the opposing poles. They are all fumed internally with either gold, silver fume or both. Each will come in a wooden chest for safe storage or display. Please note all photos were taken under direct lighting. Thanks so much everyone and size and price are listed under each piece. And each Pay Pal button is on the right of each piece.
"Blue Moon Hollow" - 1.74" dia. - $300 - SOLD
"Hypnotic Hollow" - 1.71" dia. - $300
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"Rainbow Blossom" - 1.74" dia. - SOLD
"Two Faced" - 1.63" dia. - $265
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"Pastel Pleasures" - 1.74" dia. - $295 - SOLD
"Soft Sensation" - 1.72" dia. - $315
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"Cadmium Cobalt" - 1.75" dia. - SOLD
"Ruby Riot" - 1.73" dia. - $350 - SOLD
"Radioactive Ruby" - 1.73" dia. - $350 - Highly UV/black light reactive. SOLD
"Bleeding Ruby" - 1.26" dia. - $250 - made with Serum(CFL reactive color) And will turn a much brighter pink under a compact fluorescent bulb. SOLD